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Re: Revised statement of policy on CIF

I agree that there may be a problem with this policy seeming to relinquish
many rights that the IUCr might have choose to retain.  That is why it is
important that competent legal advice be obtained before some variant on
this new policy becomes public and official.  With the aid of an attorney,
it should be possible for us to tread the fine line of the IUCr as a
publisher retaining appropriate rights in the individual CIFs it publishes
vs the IUCr as the protector of the CIF standard allowing those who own
intellectual property rights in CIFs to move their data around.  Until we
get an attorney in on the act, I would suggest appending the following to
the policy:

As a publisher the IUCr publishes books and journals and archives data.
Nothing in this policy shall be construed as increasing or diminishing the
rights that the IUCr as a publisher has in books, journals and archives it
publishes and manages.

A lawyer should be able to turn that into something that says what it means
and means what it says.

-- Herbert

At 9:05 AM +0100 3/30/00, Howard Flack wrote:
>  Money!
>  The paragraph under the above subtitle seems to be throwing away the
>IUCr's right to obtain money from those people who, for example,
>systematically download the CIFs of Acta Crystallographica C and
>incorporate them into a commercial data base in a different form.
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