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Re: Draft Annual report of COMCIFS for 2004


Thank you very much for the draft report. I agree with Herbert's rewording
of the DDL1/2 paragraph; the following paragraph might then begin

"The lack of CIF software continues to be a concern, although the
IUCr is making some effort to promote the development of standards-based
open-source utilities (see above), and each year sees a few more
independently developed applications added to the collection."

(Later today I hope to begin sending out draft copies of the CD-ROM for
Volume G to authors and software providers. If each of the software copyright
holders agrees to licence the redistribution of the packages I have copied
onto this disk, there will be 33 applications or libraries - possibly not
a huge amount, but not to be sniffed at, either. And for the most part the
collection does not include the crystallographic programs (SHELX, PLATON etc)
that actually handle real data.)

Nicola Ashcroft has been working on both the powder template and the online
International Tables projects, and suggests that the paragraph beginning
"The Chester office..." be reworded as

"The IUCr editorial office has, with advice from Brian Toby, been developing
a new set of web pages offering guidelines and powder CIF (pdCIF) template
files for authors who submit powder diffraction data and Rietveld refinement
results as part of an article for an IUCr journal, with the aim of
encouraging authors to provide data in pdCIF format and to include as
much information as possible in their pdCIFs. Mike Hoyland of the
IUCr office has modified checkcif to run tests appropriate to powder data.
The IUCr is also planning to make the series 'International Tables for
Crystallography' available online and is planning to add features that may
include the ability to access and download symmetry data in CIF format.
This is likely to result in (or require) the development of a new and
enlarged version of the symmetry CIF dictionary."

Best wishes

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