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COMCIFS consultant


> 	The new terms of reference for Comcifs require that, following
> each General Assembly, the IUCr Executive Committee appoint the 
> voting members of Comcifs for the following 3-year term based on the
> recommendations received from the outgoing Comcifs. 
> 	Currently we have eight voting members and a number of consultants
> and observers.  Under the new regulation we are to have 'about six voting
> members' and an unlimited number of observers, a category that will
> include the current consultants,

   I am no longer the chair of the IUCr's committee on electronic 
publication, dissemination and storage of information. Consequently I am 
  no longer ex-offico a consultant to COMCIFS and would ask you to 
accept my resignation as such and to remove my name from the COMCIFS 
distribution list.

   As concerns the coreDMG and coreCIFchem working groups, I retain a 
scientific interest in their activities for my own part and would be 
happy to continue to collaborate in their work if you so wish.


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