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Re: COMCIFS Terms of Reference

That change is fine by me.
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On 28/10/2005, at 2:38 AM, David Brown wrote:

> Ralf wrote
>>> 4. To ensure that adequate current documentation of the CIF  
>>> standard is available to potential users in both printed and  
>>> machine-readable forms.
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do we still need this? In my mind machine- 
>> readable forms are fully sufficient; the time it takes to provide  
>> printed forms could be invested somewhere else.
> The item would be even further improved if we deleted 'in both  
> printed and machine-readable forms'.  I agree that we no longer  
> need to require a printed form if this is not needed; it should be  
> sufficient to require that documentation be made available to  
> users, leaving open the decision as to what is the appropriate format.
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