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Re: Opinions on comments as part of the content

peter murray-rust wrote:
> Thanks Brian,
> We are clearly in almost complete agreement. Minor comments below.
> At 10:32 07/03/2007, Brian McMahon wrote:
>> courtesy; and even, in Peter's case, efforts are made to retain
>> them by applying sensible heuristics if content is re-ordered.
>> I think such applications have value, but there is no requirement
>> on them by the standard to do so, nor do I believe there should be.
> Agreed.

This makes the style-sheet concept a good one. It provides pretty
printing that can be easily customized for any purpose, and also avoids
the need for heuristics. In the absence of a style sheet, don't bother
to align anything. Then CIF files can be optimized for human or computer
parsing, and everybody gets what they want. I like the idea a lot.

Peter, what do you think of CIF-based style sheets? Although XSLT is
well defined, a CIF parser can already parse CIF, so why add a new
parser syntax?

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