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Re: COMCIFS Annual Report for 2006 (draft)

Dear Colleagues,

   If I may I would like to supplement the paragraph on imgCIF
with a little additional material that overlaps into 2007:

2006 and early 2007 have been a time of renewed activity for
imgCIF. Herbert Bernstein and Robert Sweet organized a successful
workshop in conjunction with the American Crystallographic Association
2006 meeting in Hawaii to promote the implementation of the imgCIF
dictionary in capturing images of diffraction patterns, primarily
at synchrotron sources.  They have obtained funding for two more 
imgCIF workshops, one at BNL immediately after the the NSLS/CFN 
in May 2007 and one in England in conjunction with BSR 2007 in
August 2007.  There has  been significant progress in use of
imgCIF both at SLS and at Diamond.  Changes to the imgCIF dictionary
to support uses of imgCIF at SLS, Diamond and ESRF will be proposed
on the imgCIF list shortly and will be discussed at the upcoming


At 3:59 PM -0400 3/12/07, David Brown wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>I have attached a draft copy of the COMCIFS annual report to the 
>Executive Committee of the IUCr for 2006.  Can you please check this 
>and let me know if there are any important items that I have missed 
>or misrepresented.
>If I hear nothing back by March 25 I will submit the document as it 
>stands under the assumption that everyone is in agreement.
>Best wishes
>David Brown
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