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Re: Fwd: Re: DDLm, dREL, images and NeXus

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
> The most complex transform is the normalization in going from
> NeXus to CIF, and the denormalization going from CIF to NeXus.

Actually I don't see how you could "denormalize" the 
audit_athor category *faithfully* back into NeXus by putting multiple 
<name>s back within a single NXuser instance, assuming they had common
affiliation and phone numbers etc.

As I understand it, within dREL, each time you attempted to set
the nexus:raw_author.user_name item (say within a ddlm/dREL category method) 
for consecutive <names>, it would overwrite the previous value.

As an alternative, if you were to just treat <name> as a dREL list
then a single NeXus <name> element would end up holding every name. 

In this case you could always write every name out individually as 
a full NXuser entry (as it would be in CIF), I would guess. 
But generally, any place where a NeXus element can have a mixture of 
single and multiple subelements, it will probably be incompatible 
with ddlm/dREL/RDBMS design because it breaks the neat table structure. 

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