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Re: Procedure for approving small dictionary updates

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 8:31 PM, Herbert J.
Bernstein<yaya@bernstein-plus-sons.com> wrote:
> Two problems:
> This system defaults to approval even if there is no comment; and

Yes, but remember that the relevant DMG will have already discussed
and approved (explicitly) the proposal; in this case it is reasonable
to default to approval.

> The time limits are too short for the summer, when people may be away
> for a full month and need to catch up after that.
> I would suggest the default change from automatic approval, to "expedited
> approval" by the COMCIFS chair or designee if no objection is raised to
> such handling withing 6 weeks of entry on the COMCIFS discussions list.

> This would allow more time for people who are away for full month to ctach
> up on their email and would ensure that at least one person (the COMCIFS
> chair or designee) had to actually read and think about and say something
> about the proposal before it was approved.

I have no objections to these changes.  Note that the COMCIFS chair
would actually coordinate posting the final proposal from the DMG to
COMCIFS, so would in any case be aware of the proposal, but your
suggested change has the advantage of explicitly requiring a formal
statement from the chair (or designee).

A six-week time limit should apply to the present discussion as well,
given that we are in the northern summer at the moment.

> I would suggest this proposal be applied to all dictionaries, including
> mmCIF, imgCIF and pdbx.

My understanding is that imgCIF and mmCIF are within the purvey of
COMCIFS, but we have no responsibility for pdbx and so this procedure
would not apply to it.

best wishes,

> Regards,
>   Herbert
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