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Re: Release of the cif_core_restraints dictionary and superscriptmark up


In CIF the only restrictions on a text field are related to the use use of delimiters.  If no delimiters are used, characters such as white space are clearly not allowed since white space is the default delimiter.  ', " and [CR]; are allowed delimiters, and clearly whichever delimiter is used to open the text field cannot be used within the text field.  The other special characters were all developed by the editorial office in Chester for the purposes of typesetting and are not part of the CIF standard and are not subject to CIF control.  CIF allows other typesetting conventions consistent with the above restrictions, see for example section 24
(Embedded symantics) of the 'common semantic features' document.  This section is referred to in the following section 25 'CIF conventions for special characters in text'.  I believe even Acta Cryst recongizes TEX when it appears, suitable labelled, in a text field, though I don't know if it is ever used.


Matthew Towler wrote:

Thanks for the explanation David, I will send my suggested changes to Brian.


If you will indulge me, then for future reference it would help me to clarify where the CIF standard ends and local convention begins.  My understanding has been that the CIF standard is defined by the documents “File syntax” and “Common semantic features”.  In the latter, in section “CIF conventions for special characters in text” http://www.iucr.org/resources/cif/spec/version1.1/semantics#specialchars  the ^^ and ~~ markup for superscripts and subscripts are defined.  Is this part of this document a part of the formal 1.1 specification?



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