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Re: Updating COMCIFS' approach to dictionaries

Perhaps one should consider an automated web tool similar to a dns 
registry that would provide
seni-automatic dispensing of dictionary identifiers, prefixes, category 
names and tag names to
make the avoidance of naming collisions simpler to achieve. There would 
need to be some friction in
the system (captchas and/or a small registry fee and/or moderation) to 
prevent robots from grabbing all the
useful names, and a requirement to associate a responsible contact with 
any logged information
and to provide a means of distributed moderation where needed. For 
example, once an
appropriate entity had reserved a dictionary identifier, and prefix, any 
moderation for the
category names and tags within that naming domain would be handled by 
associated technical
contact. In some domains, one might even have a different technical 
contact for each category.

One related syntactic/semantic issue to consider would be to move from 
the current underscore
separation of prefixes from category names and tag names to the use of a 
hierarchical ":" or "."
notation to allow for dns-like arbitrary nesting of naming responsibilities.


On 2/20/12 6:03 AM, Matthew Towler wrote:
> One possibility to reduce the likelihood of duplicate fields for the same items would be for changes in the non-COMCIFS dictionaries to be announced to COMCIFS, even though approval is not required.  The messages would purely be of the form of an FYI containing a summary of changes, sent each time a dictionary was released and updated in the central repository.  This would raise the likelihood that the wider community would be aware of improvements and new developments in disparate areas, whilst not imposing any administrative overhead.
> Matthew
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