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RE: A managed phase-out of DDL1 dictionaries

Thank you for publishing this proposal.  I support the proposed process for the
change over, but am unsure of the timetable.  A few months ago a message indicat
ed a web page that listed software that was already DDLm compatible.  This morni
ng I have had a search on the IUCr website in the DDLm and software sections and
 could not find it, but what I recall is that at the time I looked it was somewh
at sparsely populated.  I appreciate that a little positive pressure in the dire
ction of change can be a good thing, I also recognise the need to work with what
 already exists.  My overall feeling is that the discontinuation of DDL1 diction
aries should be driven by software and community adoption, that a date should no
t be set until there is sufficient community uptake.  Otherwise I feel there is
a risk that discontinuing DDL1 dictionaries will effectively equate to discontin
uing all dictionary updates.

I will state that this is entirely my personal view as a CIF user and software e
ngineer, rather than being any kind of official view of the CCDC, my employer.

Best wishes,


the DDL1 dictionaries will be prominently marked as deprecated and after a nomin
al period (say 2 years) maintenance will cease and links to the dictionaries wil
l be removed (although their historic URIs cannot be changed and so they will no
t be removed).
If any of you see an issue with this, please comment.

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