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Re: Draft 2013 COMCIFS report


I have read your draft COMCIFS report and it seems to cover the waterfront.  However I thought you might be a bit more emphatic about the DDLm development.  This is a major advance in CIF technology, but you make it sound like a routine enhancement achieved by tweaking a program or two.  The trick I think is to make explicit mention DDLm (or something equivalent) which draws attention to the fact that it is significantly different from the current DDL1 and DDL2 specifications, but you should also emphasize their compatibility. The Executive Committee who will use this report will not be familiar with all that is going on in COMCIFS and will have forgotten what was in last year's report, so you need to give them a handle and a clear description that they can use to identify the project and its role within CIF.  The paragraph on the collaboration with NEXUS succeeds because it mentions NEXUS and imgCIF by name and describes their relationship.

Thanks for your continuing work for COMCIFS. 


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