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Laboratory coordinate system

  • To: Distribution list of the IUCr COMCIFS Core Dictionary Maintenance Group<coredmg@iucr.org>
  • Subject: Laboratory coordinate system
  • From: James Hester via coreDMG <coredmg@iucr.org>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 12:58:43 +1100
  • Cc: James Hester <jamesrhester@gmail.com>
Dear Core DMG,

It has come to the attention of the High Pressure dictionary development group that the laboratory coordinate system is never defined in core CIF. There is `_diffrn_orient_matrix` for the UB matrix but there is no mention of the coordinate system relative to which the resulting vector is referred.

I would like to suggest that this group resolve this issue.

I have too many CIF balls in the air at the moment to give this the attention it deserves so I suggest that one or more of you might like to "champion" this issue by essentially chairing the discussion and not letting it drop off the back of the desk. I would still participate as time allows. Any takers?

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