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ANL Theory Institute - 19-23 June 2000

  • Subject: ANL Theory Institute - 19-23 June 2000
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:14:52 -0500
Theory Institute "Structure, dynamics and charge transport in polymeric
materials"  June 19-23, 2000, Argonne National Laboratory
Organizers:           M.-L. Saboungi, L. A. Curtiss,   Argonne National
                                                        K. Freed 
of Chicago)    
G. Mao   (MSD)
                                                        M. Ratner
(Northwestern University)
Dear Colleague,
As you may be aware, every year a couple of Theory Institutes are 
at Argonne to bring together theorists working at the forefront of a
selected topic. This year, we are organizing one on "Structure, dynamics 
charge transport in polymeric materials" with a slight departure from the
traditional approach since we are proposing to include a roughly equal
number of theorists and experimentalists. 
The atmosphere of the institute is very informal and designed to promote
free discussion. The invited lectures, lasting about 45 minutes and 15
minutes for discussion , have been selected among three general topics:
polymer physics, ionically conducting polymers, and biopolymers. Each
lecturer will present as much as possible new and unpublished results, and
most essentially, introduce controversial issues of interest to both
experimentalists and theorists. Our confirmed speakers include, 
P-G de Gennes, M.B. Armand, L. Borjesson, O. Borodin, J. W. Brady, P. G.
Bruce, J. de Pablo, M. Ediger, K. Freed, J.W. Halley, E. Kramer, K.Y. Lee,
F. Muller-Plathe, M. Muthukumar, D. L. Price, M. Ratner T. Russell, B.
Scrosati, W. Spiess, H. Strey, I. Szleifer, etc.
Poster sessions are planned for two afternoons and we would encourage 
participant to use posters as background material for enhancing and 
We would like very much to invite you to attend the institute. If you 
like attend, 
 please fill out the attached registration form and return to the address 
the bottom of the form early as possible. If you are planning on 
a poster please email your title and one-page abstract as soon as possible
to one of the Argonne co-organizers (see below). Local lodging is 
at the newly built Argonne Guest House. If needed and assuming that there
will enough  demand for it , we could arrange for transportation between 
two airports serving 
Chicago,  O'Hare International Airport or Midway Airport, and Argonne
National Laboratory. Visits to the University of Chicago or Northwestern
University can be arranged on an individual basis with the corresponding
More information is available at the following web site:
We look forward to your positive response.
Yours sincerely,
M.-L. Saboungi, (mls@anl.gov) L. A. Curtiss (curtiss@anl.gov) , K. Freed,
(k-freed@uchicago.edu ) , M. Ratner, (ratner@chem.nwu.edu)