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Pittsburg Diff Con includes SAS

  • Subject: Pittsburg Diff Con includes SAS
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 15:50:25 -0400

The organizersd have asked me to call your attention to this event.

The Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 2000.

	The 58th annual conference will be held Thursday through Saturday, 
October 26-28 at the Pittsburgh Airport Holiday Inn.

<I caution you to be careful about reading directions on the website 
because whoever maintains it hAs a diagram for a hotel in Ohio with 
instructions for the Pittsburgh hotel. Use mapquest.com if you need 
reliable directions>
	Hiro Tsuruta (Stanford University) and Michael Agamalian (Oak Ridge 
National Lab) have organized a symposium on X-ray and neutron small angle 
scattering. Speakers will include Dmitri Svergun (EMBL-Hamburg), Tom 
Russell ( U. Mass., Amherst), Lois Pollack (Cornell Univ.), Martin 
Caffrey (Ohio State Univ.), Cyrus Safinya, Roberto Triolo (Univ. of 
Palermo), P. Thiyagarajan (Argonne Nat. Lab), John Barker (NIST), J. Lal 
(Argonne Nat Lab), and Yu Melnichenko (Oak Ridge Nat Lab).
	Wayne Schultz and Changill Ban (Hauptman-Woodward Institute, Buffalo, 
NY) have organized a symposium on the phasing of protein crystal 
structures.  Speakers will include Cheng Yang (Mol. Structure Corp.), 
Celia Chen (NIST), James Liu (Univ. Georgia), Ralf Grosse-Kuntsleve 
(Brookhaven National Lab.), Linda Hinnick (NIH), Lynne Howell (Hospital 
for Sick Children, Toronto), Kira Misura (Stanford Univ.) and Brian 
Matthews (Univ. Oregon).
	William David (Rutherford Appleby Lab., U. K.) is organizing a symposium 
on powder diffraction instrumentation and structure determination from 
powder diffraction data.  Details will appear shortly on our web site 
(see below).
	Charles Lake (Indiana Univ. of Penna.) will chair the poster session. 
Posters will be on display throughout the meeting.  The Chung Soo Yoo 
Award ($200) will be made for the best poster by a graduate student.  
Judging will take place during the Thursday evening mixer.

	The deadline for submission of abstracts from invited speakers and for 
posters is September 29.  These should be sent to Bryan Craven, PO Box 
226, Creekside, PA 15732, or to craven@grove.iup.edu.

	Nominations are requested for the Sidhu Award ($500) which is made for 
an outstanding contribution to diffraction or crystallography.  
Nominations, consisting of cv for the candidate and sponsoring letter(s), 
should be sent to Bryan Craven by September 20.  The awardee, who must 
have obtained the PhD after September, 1995, will be invited to give a 
lecture at the meeting.

	The conference dinner ($35/ticket) will be at the Holiday Inn on Friday 
evening.  The menu will include a vegetarian dish.

	The Pittsburgh Airport Holiday Inn, phone (412)-262-3600 is about 7 
miles from the airport by courtesy limousine. Rooms cost $85/day (+ 14% 
tax) for reservations made before October 5.

Our home page at http://www.pitt.edu/~geib/pds.html has the registration 
form, more details on the scientific program, road directions, 
alternative accommodation, dinner menu, etc.  Further general conference 
information can be obtained from Brian Burkhart (Conference Chair) at 



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