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Am Cryst. Assn Small-Angle SIG Meeting 23 July

Title: Am Cryst. Assn Small-Angle SIG Meeting  23 July
To all members of the ACA Special Interest Group on Small-Angle Scattering:

Just to let you know that it is still not too late to submit an abstract for
the SAS sessions at this year's ACA meeting in Los Angeles, July 21 - 26,
2001. The deadline is this Friday, March 2.

The two oral sessions, on Monday, July 23, will be:
6.01 Complementarity of Small-Angle Scattering with Other Analytical
Techniques; and
6.02 New Small-Angle Scattering Instrumentation and Data Analysis.

These oral sessions will feature invited presentations on the
latest developments in SAS instrumentation, analysis and application, as
well as a tribute to the late Harry Brumberger by Professor Gernot Kostorz
(ETH, Zurich). However, some space within the sessions has been reserved for
oral presentations selected from abstracts submitted in response to the Call
for Papers. There will also be a poster session on the same day.

Please see the Call for Papers or the ACA web-site www.hwi.buffalo.edu/aca/
for submission instructions.

Andrew Allen
[ACA SIG Chair for Small-Angle Scattering]