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Questions from J. K. Parida (India)

Title: Questions from J. K. Parida (India)
> Sender: "jk  parida" <jkparida@rediffmail.com>
> Subject: letter from J.K.Parida, India
> Dear colleagues,
> Please pay attention to the following points.
> 1. what is the criterian to be followed in order to know whether a sample is  
> dense / dilute system. Will we consider all solids as dense and all liquids as
> dilute ? please explain.
> Note : In the past work had been done on silk and jute considering those as
> dilute systems though these are solid fibres.
> 2. suppose we prepared a sample. How to know it is monodisperse / polydisperse
> ?
> Note : if Mn = Mw then the system is monodisperse otherwise it is
> polydisperse. Hence I think without estimating Mn and Mw from experimental
> data of scattered intensity it is not possible to say what type of system the
> sample is. Please explain.
> Kindly reply early.
> With regards,
> Yours sincerely,
> Mr.J.K.Parida,
> India