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Fwd: NIST Summer School - 1998

  • Subject: Fwd: NIST Summer School - 1998
  • From: "John D. Barnes" <john.barnes@nist.gov>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Mar 98 22:25:58 -0000

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Summer School on Neutron Small Angle Scattering and Reflectometry from
Submicron Structures

NIST Center for Neutron Research
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> June 1 - 5, 1998 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The small angle neutron scattering (SANS) and neutron reflectometry (NR)
facilities at NIST's Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) will be the focus
of this, the fourth, NCNR/NSF sponsored summer school on neutron
scattering.  These facilities, which are among the best in the world for
the examination of bulk and interfacial microstructure on a scale from
roughly 1 to 500 nm, are available to any qualified researchers who submit
experiment proposals which then undergo peer review.  This four and
one-half day course will provide potential new users of these techniques
with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and methodology
along with training in the use of the SANS and NR facilities at the NCNR.
Applications of the techniques will be illustrated by specific examples
drawn from recent research in polymer science, nanophase metals and
ceramics, microporous media, magnetism, superconductivity, and structural
biology.  The course will enable attendees to assess the applicability of
the techniques, and the NCNR instruments, to their own research interests
and provide technical information needed to prepare effective experiment

The course will consist of morning lectures by NCNR staff, and invited
speakers, followed by afternoon training sessions involving actual
collection and analysis of SANS and NR data.  Attendance will be limited 
twenty to assure adequate supervision and participation for each attendee.
Topics to be covered include:

* Principles of Neutron Scattering at Low-Q
  - reflection, refraction and diffraction
  - coherent and incoherent scattering
  - cross sections and reflectivity coefficients
  - kinematic and dynamical scattering effects

* SANS Instrumentation

* SANS Methods
  - single particle scattering
  - interparticle interference
  - non-particulate systems
  - contrast variation and isotope labeling
  - high concentration methods

* SANS Applications
  - polymer conformation, phase morphology
  - structural biology
  - colloids and microemulsions

* Neutron Reflectometry Instrumentation

* Neutron Reflectometry Methods
  - specular and non-specular scattering
  - multilayer analysis
  - model independent analysis methods
  - polarized neutron reflectometry

* Neutron Reflectometry Applications
  - polymer brushes and thin films
  - magnetic multilayers
  - self-assembled monolayers
  - Langmuir-Blodgett, and lipid bilayer films
  - magnetic penetration in superconducting films

* Sample Preparation Techniques

* Multiple Scattering and Resolution Effects

The summer school is sponsored by the NCNR and the National Science
Foundation (NSF cooperative agreement DMR-9423101).  Financial assistance
is available for graduate students, postdocs, and others (from North
America only), subject to the approval of the organizers, who otherwise
would be unable to attend.  There is no registration fee.

If possibly interested in attending the summer school, please provide the
information requested below and return to:

			Mrs. Linda Clutter
			Building 235, E-151
			Gaithersburg, MD 20899

by mail, fax: (301-921-9847), or email: ss98@rrdjazz.nist.gov

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Department: ________________________________________________________

Institution: _________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Tel: ________________  Fax: ________________  Email: __________________

___	I would like to attend the NIST/NCNR Summer School on Neutron Small
Angle Scattering and Reflectometry from Submicron Structures.

___	I may be interested in attending the summer school.  Please keep me

___	I would like to be considered for financial assistance.

I am a:

___ Student;	___ Post-Doctoral; 	___ Junior Faculty
___ Other (specify)____________________________________________

If student or postdoc, name of principal advisor: _____________________

Briefly describe your research interests:_____________________________
For additional information, see the NCNR Web site, 
or contact one of the organizers listed below.

Charles Glinka, Tel: (301) 975-6242, Email: cglinka@nist.gov
B. Hammouda, Tel: (301) 975-3961, Email: hammouda@rrdjazz.nist.gov
Sushil Satija, Tel: (301) 975-5250, Email:satija@rrdjazz.nist.gov
Chuck Majkrzak, Tel: (301) 975-5251, Email: chuck@rrdjazz.nist.gov

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