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SAXS beyond the research lab

Dear SAXpert,

SAX/SWAX techniques bear considerable potential as tools for in-line industrial process monitoring wherever nanostructure counts for product quality. Fields of interest are: LC-plastics, microporous ceramics, zeoliotes, detergents, oils , fats, pharmaceuticals and many others. 

The techniques - SAX-optics , detectors and data screening - are mature, and trials with prototypes are underway here or there, one example being our european project "EUROSAX" which you can find at our homepage (http://www.oeaw.ac.at/ibr/xray.html).

SAXS is generally not recognized as being tractable or useful outside the specialist circles in research. This should change, just as it did with many other - sometimes less informative - scientific techniques. 

On the occasion of the SAS99 (IXth International Confrence on Small-Angle Scattering), some colleagues and myself would like to open a Forum for SAXS Beyond the Research Lab. Anyone interested in SAXS as a tool for production control, automatization etc. is invited to write to me and indicate their specific activities or interests in this direction.

Best regards, 
Peter Laggner

Institute of Biophysics and X-Ray Structure Research
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Steyrergasse 17
A-8010 GRAZ - Austria

e-mail: Fibrlagg@mbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Fax: +43 316 812367
Tel:  +43 316 812003