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Post-doctoral positions?

Hi Everyone!

I wonder if someone out there can help me?  I'm currently looking for a post-
doctoral position in the SAXS world (starting after July 1999).  I am
interested in pursuing SAXS research in almost any area but especially in 
polymers or biopolymers.  I am willing to consider moving to almost 
anywhere in the English speaking world (my French and German are very rusty).

My educational background is:

1999 PhD, University of Iowa, USA (anticipated graduation date July 1999)
     My current work concerns the absorption of HBr and HI into ice films as a
     model system for polar stratospheric clouds.

1996 M.Phil, (research degree), De Montfort University, England
     I worked with Professor Samar Hasnain at the Daresbury Laboratory, England
     and modelled the solution structure of nitrogenase protein and ch
     characterised the lobal closure upon nucleotide binding.

1992 BSc (Hons) 2(2), Chemistry, University of Salford, England
     I worked with Dr Trevor Crowley using SAXS to look at silica samples.

I have a copy of my CV on the web located at:

Many thanks for your time and help.

Best wishes to everyone for the holiday period.

Steven Carlo