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                       AND RELATED TOPICS

A  workshop  on  this   topic  supported  in  part  by  the  EU  TMR  grant
ERBFMGECT980134 "Access to Large scale facilities" will be held at the

   EMBL Outstation on the DESY site in Hamburg on November 26 - 27, 1999

 Invited lectures will be given by:

 J.M. ANDREU:            Shape and size determination of proteins
                         with X-ray solution scattering and
                         genetic algorithms

 J. BORDAS:              Myosin heads conformation in contracting
                         muscle: molecular dynamics and pattern

 J. GARCIA DE LA TORRE:  Determination of the shape of biological
                         macromolecules from hydrodynamic

 J.G. GROSSMANN:         Shaping structures of proteins in
                         solution: a user's perspective.

 R. KAHN:                Ab-initio phasing of MASC data using a
                         parameterised description of the envelope

 P. MARIANI:             Transglutaminase: Monte Carlo analysis of
                         small angle scattering data

 R. MAY:                 Donuts, cookies, and a grain of salt

 S.J. PERKINS:           Highly constrained scattering modelling
                         fits using crystal structures - a
                         critical assessment

 J. TREWHELLA:           Combining high-resolution structural data
                         with neutron contrast variation data to
                         study interactions and structural
                         transitions in biomolecular networks

 H. TSURUTA:             Small angle diffraction improves fidelity
                         of structure models deduced by
                         crystallography and electron microscopy -
                         Low resolution virus crystallography and
                         use of X-ray scattering amplitudes in EM

 J. SKOV-PEDERSEN:       Modelling small-angle scattering data
                         using analytical models and numerical
                         expressions based on Monte Carlo

 H.B. STUHRMANN:         Contrast variation in ribosomal structure
                         research: from shape determination by
                         external contrast variation to labelling
                         structures by internal contrast variation

 D. SVERGUN:             Restoring 3D from 1D: when and why is it

 P. VACHETTE:            Some examples of using crystal structures
                         to interpret solution SAXS patterns

 V. VOLKOV:              Uniqueness of shape determination from
                         SAS data: practice.

Applications,  including a short  CV, a  short description of  your current
research and  the reason why  attendance to this workshop  is important for
you  should  be  received  by  October  1st, 1999.  Young  researchers  are
requested to  provide a  letter of recommendation from  a senior scientist.
The number  of places is restricted to 25.  The participation fee (EUR 125)
covers  accomodation  and  meals during  the  workshop.  Limited funds  are
available to support travel  for citizens from the EU member and associated

For  further  information,  please  consult  the  EMBL  Hamburg  WWW  pages
(http://www.embl-hamburg.de) or  contact M. Koch ( koch@embl-hamburg.de) or
D. Svergun  (  svergun@embl-hamburg.de ),  EMBL c/o DESY,  Notkestrasse 85,
D-22603  Hamburg, Germany, FAX: +49-40-89902-149.

Send CV and applications to shape99@embl-hamburg.de