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Awards and appointments

Members of the Science Advisory Committee of ESRF include: R. Fourme (LURE, France), H. Fuess (Technische Hochschule, Germany), R. Hilgenfeld (Inst. Molekulare Biotechnologie, Germany), K. Hodgson (SSRL, Stanford, USA), L.B. McCusker (ETH, Zürich, Switzerland), and D. Stuart (U. of Oxford, UK).

Lawrence F. Dahl, R.E. Rundle Professor of Chemistry at the U. of Wisconsin, Madison, received the 88th Willard Gibbs Medal of the ACS Chicago Section for “outstanding contributions in organometallic and high-nuclearity metal-cluster chemistry synthesis and structural characterization of nanometer-sized molecules, in work that has been described as unique and superb science.” The Biophysical Society Society Fellows announced for the year 2000 include six crystallographers: Donald L.D. Caspar, Carolyn Cohen, David Eisenberg, Hugh E. Huxley, Frederic M. Richards, and Michael G. Rossmann.

Awards went to Helen Berman, Rutgers U. (Distinguished Service) and Carolyn Cohen, Brandeis U. (Elisabeth Roberts Cole).

Biophysical Society Newsletter, September 1999