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CRYSTALS is a widely distributed package for single crystal structure analysis, including routines for data reduction, Fourier refinement, least-squares refinement (including absolute configuration, twinning, disorder, non-crystallographic symmetry, eigenvalue filtering and robust-resistant weighting), structure modelling and modification, analysis of structure, analysis of residuals, preparation of text and CIF tables, structure visualization and hardcopy color graphics. Because all these features are incorporated in a single package, the user can move easily from calculations to visualization to revised calculations, and as such it is a powerful environment for dealing with both routine and non-routine structures. L. Cranswick (at CCP14) set up a CRYSTALS web page to guide users through installation and initial use. http://www.ccp14/co/uk/. CRYSTALS-32 is being released in phases. Phase one will consist of the crystallographic code, the graphical editor and the command line script system, and as such is more-or-less a replacement for the DOS version of CRYSTALS. This release will only be available to experienced CRYSTALS users. Those interested in trying it out should contact us by E-mail at

David Watkin, U. of Oxford