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Diffraction/scattering computed tomography for three-dimensional characterization of multi-phase crystalline and amorphous materials

J. Appl. Cryst. (2012). 45, 1109-1124 (

[Reconstructed volume] Reconstructed volume and structural selective slices of polycrystalline cubic diamond (b), sp3-like amorphous carbon (c), sp2-graphitic carbon (d), short interlayered carbon (a), obtained from scattering patterns.

X-ray diffraction computed/scattering tomography provides nondestructive three-dimensional structural images of crystalline or amorphous multi-phased heterogeneous materials. Diluted phases are discriminated with very high spatial and local resolution. The method is suited for numerous practical applications, in static, dynamic or multi-modal variants, as demonstrated by an increasing number of publications in this field. As reconstruction artefacts can degrade the quality of the rendered images and limit their interpretation, the sources of error and limits of this method are discussed and compared with other diffraction-based techniques.

M. Álvarez-Murga, P. Bleuet and J.-L. Hodeau