Crystallographic analysis reveals details of copper coordinated in YBa2Cu3O7 (T. Siegrist, Photo AT&T Labs), electron density distribution in a human opiate at 100K (C. Lecomte, et al., ACA Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, Abst. PG02, p. 105, 1993), the architecture of an AIDS virus protein (Fitzgerald, et al., J. Biol. Chem. 265, 14209, 1990; drawing by J.A. Calloway, Protein Database using MIDAS by T.E. Ferrin, UCSF), and Aggregate of modified fullerenes (Balch et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 114, 5405, 1992 drawn with Biosym software by M. Olmstead).
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Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
André Authier

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ACA Monograph of Ewald's fundamental papers
Hellmut J. Juretschke


William L. Duax

Meeting report

BCA Crystallography for Two Seasons: Fall and Spring
A. G. W. LeslieG. Bushnell-Wye, J. Jutson, T. Carteran anonymous author

Meeting report

Two New Protein Folding Patterns Revealed: highlights of the 1993 meeting of the American Crystallographic Association
D. AndersonL. C. Andrews, J. Badger, M. Becker, J. T. Bolin, R. Bryan, R. Chandrasekaran, W. Cordes, C. Foris, F. Fronczek, D. Ghosh, L. Guddat, J. Hanson, L. Jensen, J. Karle, M. L. Kopka, E. Lingafelter, P. Loll, C. Lowe-Ma, W. Montfort, M. E. P. Murphy, P. Newcomer, G. Newton, W. H. Ojala, R. Reynolds, F. J. Rotella, J. Ruble, T. Rydel, R. Snyder, S. Sommerer, E. D. Specht, S. Sprang, L. Steinrauf, E. A. Sudbeck, A. Swain, S. M. Swanson, K. TruebloodG.M. Zorn

Meeting report

Powder power everywhere


James Newington King (1937-1993)
D. W. J. CruickshankK. Kurki-Suonio

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School on Complex Systems
D. Braga