Volume 17, Number 2 (2009)

On the cover

Some of the submissions to the ACA Art in Crystallography Prize. Top: (left) Azobenzene & Menthol - Mixed Before Melting, Narayan Variankaval (First Prize), (right) MicROCKScopica-Charoite, Bernardo Cesare (Second Prize)

Middle: (left) MicROCKScopica-Ocean Jasper, Bernardo Cesare (Third Prize), (right) Hexamer With Electrostatic Calculations, Eric di Luccio (Honorable Mention)

Bottom (left) Azobenzene & Menthol - Mixed Before Melting-2, Narayan Variankaval, (right) Out of Darkness, Bill Bauer.

Full descriptions of all the submissions can be found on the ACA website: amercrystalassn.org. Entries for the 2010 contest are now being accepted, please contact Chidester Connie (conniechidester@earthlink.net).

Editorial and production

Judith L.  Flippen-Anderson, William L. Duax Editors
Patricia Coley Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor

A special thank you to George Birnbaum for reviewing this issue


A. Allen, F.A Almeida Paz, G. Battle, S.J.L. Billinge, W.W. Brennessel, H.-B. Bürgi, K. Byrappa, P. Coppens, G.M. Day, E.M. Dufresne, G. Ferraris, M. Guss, W.N. Hunter, T. Hussein, M. Kozak, T. Linden, C. Mealli, M. Ree, P. Rezacova, M. Ripoll, K. Salorinne, O. Shimomura, R. Somashekar, D. Watkin, M. Yousef
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