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Mo4(η3-allyl)4Cl2(OH)2(CO)8: the first cubane-type Mo2+ organometallic complex with μ-OH and μ3-Cl bridges

Acta Cryst. (2009), C65, m168–m170 (

[Tetrametallic cubane unit] The tetrametallic Mo43-allyl)4-Cl2(OH)2(CO)8 molecular unit.
An Mo2+ organometallic complex with a central trigonal prismatic [Mo43-Cl)23-OH)2]4+ core, in which two of the faces are capped by μ3-OH groups and the other two by μ3-Cl anions, was synthesized and structurally characterized in the solid state. This complex constitutes the first example of an organometallic complex in which the central cubane core is composed of two distinct bridging moieties. The four crystallographically independent Mo2+ centres are further connected to allyl groups and CO molecules.
T.R. Amarante, I.S. Gonçalves and F.A. Almeida Paz