The cover illustration combines structures in Scotland, ancient and new: the ancient castle of Eilean Donan and the ultramodern Congress site. Dozens of structures, both ancient and new will be presented for the first time in Glasgow. The ancient structures include bacterial and viral proteins that have existed for billions of years and supramolecular structures that have sprung from the imagination of chemical crystallographers. Whether ancient or new, the details of the three-dimensional structures brought to light by X-ray analysis will make their debut in Glasgow.
Old series (1993-2017)
Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

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Edward N. Baker

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Oren Anderson

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Ted Baker


Bill Duax

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IUCr Congress 1999
Judith HowardChris Gilmore

IUCr activities

Macromolecular CIF
P. FitzgeraldH. Berman, J. Westbrook, P. Bourne, K. WatenpaughB. McMahon

Meeting report

50 years of Neutron Scattering
Neil Cowlam

Meeting report

American Chemical Society Symposium
A. Clearfield

Meeting report

Structural Biology Symposium
C. H. Schein

Meeting report

Denver X-ray Conference 1997
Paul K. Predecki

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Awards and prizes

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Kenneth N. Trueblood (1920-1998)
David EisenbergJenny GluskerRobert Sparks