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Layered release is coming

The PDB will shortly begin to use the Layered Release protocol as part of PDB's deposition procedure. This will allow for virtually immediate release of entries onto the PDB servers without PDB staff intervention. A PDB ID code will be issued immediately, but the depositor can indicate if the data are to be released right away (which the PDB will encourage), upon publication of the accompanying article, or after an on-hold period. Depositors will get immediate feedback at deposition time from the same validation programs being used by the PDB, to help them decide whether their data are actually suitable for deposition, or publication, or still require further work. Unless a depositor requests an explicit hold, or to release on publication, each new entry will automatically become available as a Layer-1 release in the next update of the archive. A file containing all output diagnostics from the checking programs will be associated with every entry. Updates are loaded onto the PDB server and mirror sites weekly. Following release of Layer 1, the PDB staff will process the entry. Processing will include standardization of nomenclature, and data representation. The resulting entry, after author approval, will be loaded on the PDB server as Layer 2. Documentation may be found at the Website as the documents "Validation for Layered Release" ( and "List of Items Mandatory for a Complete PDB Submission" ( Enquires may be addressed to the PDB Help Desk at