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Denver X-ray Conference 1997

The first two days of the 46th Annual Denver X-ray Conference were devoted to tutorial workshops: Microfluorescence & Microdiffraction, Amorphous Scattering, Specimen Preparation, Composition Depth-Profiling Grazing-Incidence XRF and Reflectometry, Neutron Diffraction, Heteroepitaxial Layers & Semiconductor Substrates, and Crystal Chemistry applied to XRD Phase Identification I & II. The plenary session on X-ray analysis and Characterization of Thin Films, organized by I Noyan, was a highlight of the conference.

The 1997 Barrett award for X-ray Diffraction was presented to J.D. Jorgensen (ANL, Argonne, IL) and ICDD special awards were presented go G.J. McCarthy (North Dakota State U., Fargo ND) and P.K. Predecki (U. Denver, Denver, CO). The conference proceedings will be published on CD-ROM from the ICDD. Exhibits of X-Ray and related equipment by 32 companies were available for perusal during the week.

1997 marks the last year the conference was organized and sponsored by the U. of Denver, Dept. of Engineering, with P.K. Predecki as chairman. These tasks will henceforth be assumed by the ICDD with R. Jenkins as conference chairman.

Paul K. Predecki
CPD Newsletter No. 19, 1997