Commission on Electron Crystallography


IUCr 1996 Report - Commission on Electron Diffraction

The year started with a Workshop organized for the Commission by Professors M. A. van Hove and A. Ichimiya on Electron Diffraction and Imaging from Surfaces. The five microsymposia at the Seattle Congress with direct organizational involvement of the Commission were well attended and stimulated a good deal of interest. However, it was felt that emphasis placed on electron diffraction was not really commensurate with its growing importance and the accuracy of the results that are now being obtained. It is intended to rectify the situation in the next Congress at Glasgow.

There was a considerable change of membership of the Commission this year not only caused by retirements but also by the departure of the gas electron diffraction members from this Commission to the newly titled Commission on Structural Chemistry. It was also decided that the Commission should have a Secretary and Dr D. L. Dorset was elected to this position.

In order to communicate with its community better and to publicize meetings of particular interest in the field of electron diffraction, it was decided to create a Web site. This is accessible at under IUCr or at