Commission on Electron Crystallography


Annual Report 1998

The Commission was involved with a School on Electron Crystallography in Stockholm, Sweden, with support from the IUCr. It was organized by S. Hovmõller and X.-D. Zou with invited lecturers from overseas by G. L. Cascarano (Italy), Marks (USA), R. J. Cernik (UK) and J. W. Steeds (UK). It was a well attended school that stimulated a good deal of interest in the wide range of international participants.

Members of the Commission have been involved with the organization of several conference sessions related to electron diffraction. In particular, there were two relevant sessions at the 14th International Congress on Electron Microscopy in Cancun, Mexico, in August/September. One of these, on Electron Crystallography, was organized by S. Hovmõller, the other, on Convergent-Beam Electron Diffraction, had an invited talk by J. W. Steeds.

J. W. Steeds, Chair