Commission on High Pressure

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  • A. Katrusiak (Chair, Poland)
  • R. Angel (Italy)
  • E. Boldyreva (Russia)
  • S. Clark (Australia)
  • W. Crichton (France)
  • F. Fabbiani (Germany)
  • Haozhe Liu (People's Republic of China)
  • Y. Ohishi (Japan)
  • C. Sanloup (UK)
  • G. Shen (USA)


  • P. Dera (USA)
  • N. Garg (India)
  • S. Klotz (France)
  • M. Kunz (USA)
  • J.S. Loveday (UK)

Terms of Reference

The Commission on High Pressure was established at the Seattle General Assembly in 1996. The following are its Terms of Reference.

  • To develop and strengthen links and interactions between the field of high-pressure crystallography and the whole field of high-pressure science.
  • To keep the scope of 'high-pressure crystallography' under ongoing review, and continue to make it as wide and inclusive as possible without compromising its crystallographic identity.
  • To promote and encourage the development and dissemination of best practice in high-pressure crystallographic methods and procedures.
  • To collect, and make available, current information on central facilities for high-pressure crystallography, and on how to access them.
  • To encourage, and where possible assist, young scientists and others new to the field of high-pressure crystallography.
  • To advise the IUCr in organising or sponsoring sessions on high-pressure crystallography at Congresses and conferences.
  • To promote and coordinate scientific exchange between countries in the field of high-pressure crystallography.
  • To cooperate with other Commissions of the Union on matters dealing with high-pressure crystallography.
  • To cooperate with other international bodies interested in high-pressure crystallography and allied subjects.