Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography

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  • M.I. Aroyo (Chair, Spain)
  • J. Hadermann (Belgium)
  • S. Hyde (Australia)
  • G. McColm (USA)
  • K. Momma (Japan)
  • D. Pandey (India)
  • M.L.A. de las Penas (Philippines)
  • D.M. Proserpio (Italy)
  • E.E. Rams (Cuba)
  • L. Suescun (Uruguay)
  • P. Zeiner (Germany)


  • V.A. Blatov (Russia)
  • J.-G. Eon (Brazil)
  • E. Koch (Germany)
  • D.B. Litvin (USA)
  • T. Matsumoto (Japan)
  • M. Nespolo (France)
  • B. Souvignier (The Netherlands)
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Terms of reference

Approved by action of the IUCr General Assembly, 25 August 2005
  • To strengthen links and interactions among crystallographers, mathematicians and theoretical physicists and chemists, and to promote a common language in these fields.
  • To promote the presence at IUCr meetings of scientists working in the fields of mathematics, geometry, topology, and symmetry.
  • To strengthen the recognition of crystallography as an interdisciplinary science in those fields where nowadays it is considered only to be a technique.
  • To promote the publication of mathematical and theoretical papers in the journals of the IUCr.
  • To encourage the development and dissemination of mathematical and theoretical methods, software and databases for the solution of crystallographic problems.
  • To promote and organize symposia of interest to mathematical and theoretical crystallographers during IUCr Congresses and meetings of Regional Associates, in cooperation with other Commissions of the Union.
  • To promote and organize meetings, workshops and schools in collaboration with other Commissions particularly targeting post-graduate students and young scientists needing and willing to complete their education in crystallography.