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EM Facility Manager position,  London United Kingdom [posted 25 May 2017]  

The section of structural biology within the department of medicine along with its partners (The London Consortium for cryoEM) is seeking to recruit a Facility Manager for a new high resolution Electron Microscopy Facility. 


Postdoctoral positions, University of Toronto,  Toronto Canada [posted 25 May 2017]  The laboratory of structural virology, directed by Professor Jeffrey E. Lee is looking for full-time postdoctoral leaders for two fully-funded projects.
Postdoctoral Researcher: Structural Biology,  Moffitt Cancer Center (Florida) United States [posted 24 May 2017]  
PhD position at the University of Wuerzburg,  Wuerzburg Germany [posted 24 May 2017]  A PhD position in structural biology is available at the department of biochemistry of the Biocentre of the Julius Maximilians University, Wuerzburg/Germany.
Research Associate/Assistant Professor, ShanghaiTech University,  Shanghai China [posted 23 May 2017]  

Research Associate/Assistant Professor positions are available immediately in Professor Wilson's Laboratory of Antibody Structure at Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS), ShanghaiTech University. SIAIS is an innovative research institute dedicated to the fundamental problems in life science, particularly in the field of immunology.



Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bergen,  Bergen Norway [posted 23 May 2017]  
Research engineer BioMAX,  Lund Sweden [posted 22 May 2017]  

In order to develop, operate and maintain BioMAX, we are now seeking to hire a research engineer with a background and interest in X-ray synchrotron radiation based techniques and instrumentation. 


Senior Support Scientist position at Diamond Light Source beamline B24,  Oxford United Kingdom [posted 19 May 2017]  
Postdoctoral position in structural cell biology at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology,  Edinburgh United Kingdom [posted 19 May 2017]  

A postdoctoral position is available in Jeyapraksh (JP) Arulanandam’s laboratory at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh.

Application Specialist XRF/XRD, Malvern & PANalytical Nordic,  Uppsala/Stockholm Sweden [posted 18 May 2017]  
post-doctoral research positions, Rossjohn lab Monash University,  Victoria Australia [posted 18 May 2017]  A number of post-doctoral positions are available in the Rossjohn Lab at Monash University, Australia.The Rossjohn laboratory, is located at the Clayton Campus, Monash University, Australia. 
Senior Technical Officer (Macromolecular Crystallisation),  Victoria Australia [posted 18 May 2017]  
Postdoctoral Research/Research Associate in Structural Biology,  Saitama Japan [posted 17 May 2017]  
CRYO-EM SCIENTIST/FACILITATOR,  Madison United States [posted 16 May 2017]  
Scientist - Electron Microscopy, Novartis,  Basel Switzerland [posted 16 May 2017]  
Lecturer Position in Bioprocessing, University of Limerick,  Limerick Ireland [posted 15 May 2017]  
Professor/Reader in Structural Biology/Chemical Biology,  St Andrews United Kingdom [posted 15 May 2017]  
Staff Crystallographer,  Salt Lake City, UT United States [posted 13 May 2017]  
Data Curation Software Engineer,  ESS, Lund Sweden [posted 12 May 2017]  
PhD in Neutron Scattering Study of Protomembranes,  ILL, Grenoble France [posted 12 May 2017]  
Application Specialist (XRD),  Almelo Netherlands [posted 12 May 2017]  
Instrumentation Technician,  ESRF, Grenoble France [posted 12 May 2017]  
Beamline Scientist (X-ray Nano-Probe Group),  ESRF, Grenoble France [posted 12 May 2017]  
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Biochemistry,  Lund Sweden [posted 12 May 2017]  
Postdoc Position at Stockholm University,  Stockholm Sweden [posted 11 May 2017]  

The laboratory of David Drew at Stockholm University is seeking an enthusiastic postdoc with an interest in elucidating molecular mechanisms of brain transport proteins using biochemical and biophysical approaches.

CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Structure Based Drug Design,  Canberra Australia [posted 11 May 2017]  
Schrödinger, Cryo-EM Refinement Specialist,  New York United States [posted 09 May 2017]  
PhD in Magnetism and Diffraction,  Grenoble/Caen France [posted 05 May 2017]  
Senior Principal Scientist - Chemical Biology Roche,  Shanghai China [posted 05 May 2017]  

We are seeking a motivated and experienced scientist to lead our Biophysics/Biostructure/Protein chemistry Group in the department of Chemical Biology Department at Roche Innovation Center Shanghai.

Research scientist/Lab Manager, Protein Evolution, University of Chicago,  Chicago United States [posted 04 May 2017]  
Research technician at ALBA,  Barcelona Spain [posted 04 May 2017]  
Senior Research Scientist Protein Crystallography,  Martinsried Germany [posted 03 May 2017]  

To add additional expertise and capacity to our drug discovery service team in Munich-Martinsried, we are immediately looking for a Senior Research Scientist, PhD in Protein Crystallography.

Post-doctoral research fellows: Lipid -mediated immunity,  Melbourne Australia [posted 02 May 2017]  

Prof. Jamie Rossjohn FAA FLSW, ARC Australian Laureate Fellow & Head, Infection and Immunity Program, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, seeks postdoctoral researchers to join his research group to work in the area of structural biology centered on T-cell mediated immunity to lipid antigens, at Monash University, Clayton campus.

Staff scientist position Department for Structural and Computational Biology, University of Vienna,  Vienna Austria [posted 26 Apr 2017]  

A staff scientist position is available in the research group of Kristina Djinovic-Carugo in the Department for Structural and Computational Biology, Max. F. Perutz Laboratories at the University of Vienna, Austria.

15 positions for Early Stage Researchers in HONOURs,  Multiple locations in Europe United Kingdom [posted 25 Apr 2017]  
Research Assistant for the Membrane Protein Laboratory,  Oxford United Kingdom [posted 24 Apr 2017]  
Research Technician for the Membrane Protein Laboratory,  Oxford United Kingdom [posted 24 Apr 2017]  
PhD studentship on cryoEM data analysis,  York United Kingdom [posted 24 Apr 2017]  
Research Positions Opening for PhD Student or Postdoc,  Urbana-Champaign IL United States [posted 23 Apr 2017]  . The aim of this project is to explain how the physically stressed state of the confined viral DNA directly affects the virus infectious cycle. This research involves a quantitative biophysical approach to virology using Atomic Force Microscopy and Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS).
Beamline Scientist/Postdoctoral Researcher,  Grenoble France [posted 23 Apr 2017]  
Beamline Scientist,  Campinas Brazil [posted 14 Apr 2017]  The scattering group has an immediate permanent position for an outstanding scientist with an X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) background. The candidate will be responsible for the XPCS scientific program at the coherent scattering beamline Cateretê at SIRIUS
Neutron Sciences User and Outreach Program Group Leader,  ORNL Oak Ridge TN United States [posted 10 Apr 2017]  
Postdoc: CRISTMAT Caen,  Caen France [posted 08 Apr 2017]  
Postdoctoral Scholar: In-Situ Shale Characterization using Small Angle X-ray Scattering,  Stanford CA United States [posted 06 Apr 2017]  The Applied Energy Programs, a division of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and Stanford University seeks a Postdoctoral Scholar for In-Situ Shale Characterization using Small Angle X-ray Scattering.
Scientific Software Developer,  Munich Germany [posted 06 Apr 2017]  
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Soft Matter,  Oslo Norway [posted 15 Mar 2017]  
Technical Support Executive of Scientific Equipment,  Long Hanborough, Witney United Kingdom [posted 14 Mar 2017]  
Scientist in Physical Characterization,  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Saudi Arabia [posted 06 Mar 2017]  
Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics,  Rutgers (State University of New Jersey), NJ United States [posted 30 Jan 2017]