Entered: Thu Oct 28 2010

Operating systems: Linux; MacOS; MS Windows

Type: Binary


Distribution: Commercial

Application fields: Diffraction; Scattering; Other


Description: graphical interface for analyzing data from 2D x-ray detectors (image plate, CCD, wire). Facilities for pixel-by-pixel examination of the raw data, re-centering and calibrating the image, correcting for detector tilt relative to the incident beam, producing x-y plots of intensity versus Q (the momentum transfer), 2-theta, Qx, Qy, chi, as a Porod or Guinier plot, or along an arbitrary line across the image. Useful for the analysis of powder diffraction data, diffuse scattering from polymers or liquid crystals, or small-angle scattering from colloids, polymers, gels, or solutions. Not well suited for extracting intensities from many sharp Bragg peaks in a single-crystal diffraction type experiment



Last updated: 09 May 2011