Media Gallery Pro

Entered: Sun Nov 02 2014

Operating systems: MS Windows

Type: Binary

Languages: Visual Basic


Application fields: Visualization


Description: Media Gallery Pro, a goPro editor and MultiViewer capable of playing up to 6 HD movies simultaneously on a single display screen without additional hardware. Packed with robust features for audio visual editing, a powerful search functionality and movie/video indexing capabilities this is a must have software app that works well as a low end post production software suite. Media Gallery Pro also offers a full feature free 15 day trial available now. Edit your goPro movies, YouTube videos and more with this robust app for PC. Works great for creating sales presentations, trade show loops and point-of-sale scenarios for kiosks. Or, use as sports analysis tool capable of side by side movie and video playback for such things as perfecting golf swings. Download your copy and try MGP GoPro Editor/MultiViewer Video Player App. Or purchase the entire app for just $29.95USD and receive free updates for life.



Last updated: 02 Nov 2014