Entered: Wed Nov 24 2010

Operating systems: MacOS

Type: Binary

Languages: C

Distribution: Free

Application fields: Graphics; Virtual reality; Visualization

Bibliography: Smith, T. J. (2004). J. Appl. Cryst. 37, 654-657

Description: Reads PDB, O plot files. Outputs QuickTime Movies, PICT (object oriented), DXF, and 3DMF files. Makes CPK, Ball&stick, Line, and ribbon drawings. The user can easily customize the diagram using a wide variety of colors and other display options on the whole or subsets of the molecule.Several examination tools are available:interactive Ramachandran, Edmunson wheel, hydropathy, distance, and B value graphs. The user can measure distances, find neighbors, display H bonds, Color by B values, Display by residue type, and a wide variety of other display options. This version also allows the user to display two different molecules and perform 3D least square alignments. The interface is entirely graphically oriented so the user does not have to memorize any line commands. The new 3D rendering output file (3DMF) supports the ribbon, ball&stick, stick, and CPK objects and can be read by 'MolView Lite' also found at this site. Cross-eye and wall-eye stereo is also supported. 'MOL' objects can be read in from 'O' plot files (e.g. electron density) or created in MolView and written out to separate files that can be read in at a later date. This allows 'lessons' to be created without using scripts. Emphasis is on the object-oriented, high resolution, 32bit color output rather than rotation speed.



Last updated: 09 May 2011