Entered: Thu Apr 02 2015

Operating systems: Linux; MS Windows

Type: Source

Languages: Java

Distribution: Free for academic use

Application fields: Biology; Visualization

Bibliography: Hofmann, A. & Whitter, A. E. (2014). J. Appl. Cryst. 47, 810-815.

Description: The program allows loading of individual protein monomers or oligomeric structures which can be displayed and oriented as rigid bodies in a molecular graphics viewer. A shape object restored from small-angle scattering data can also be displayed, enabling the user to arrange the protein molecules to fit. For the loaded model, the small-angle scattering can be evaluated and compared to experimental scattering data. Rigid body refinement of the loaded model has been implemented by means of a Monte-Carlo approach which uses the fit between model-derived and experimental scattering data as target function.



Last updated: 02 Apr 2015