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Re: mmCIF specification

Thanks for letting me know about imgCIF, now I see how it's going to work.
> "But what is the procedure to make a mandatory, but never needed mmCIF item> non-mandatory?">> However, if you are the maintainer of a large, complex evolving body of data, and want some> reasonable chance of maintaining the ability to search for and retrieve various subsets of> columns and rows at the same time as other subsets of columns and rows are being updated> without it getting garbled, then I would urge you to a strictly follow a relational model and be sure> to keep careful track of the keys needed for the relevant schema, and to be very careful to> include information for the columns that are mandatory for the schema holding it all together.
To repeat: the examples I gave are never used for anything. They arenot holding together anything._diffrn_refln.standard_code is always '1'. It could link to_diffrn_standard_refln.code, but the diffrn_standard_refln category isnever present.Similarly with _diffrn_refln.scale_group_code.
But this discussion should have been started in a wwPDB forum, so I'mmoving there.
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