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Re: Trade and Service Marks

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Sydney R Hall wrote:

> Brian: I think that registration of acronyms will become increasingly
> critical as we do more and more over the web, and therefore I support 
> the registration of important names we use. The critical one is "CIF"
> and I think that the "STAR File" already has a level of protection 
> from the IUCr patent... but perhaps it needs more.

This has come up in a previous discussion thread, but here goes ...

STAR File is a term (VERY) widely used in the travel industry, and
probably pre-dates any notion of a STAR File ala SR Hall. You may have
great difficulty registering or TM-ing this name.



A cursory search for the acronym DDL on web pages results in 81,000 hits.
A query for DDL but not CIF gives 79,000 hits. Again the prospect of
registration and trademarking may be difficult.

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