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Re: Revised statement of policy on CIF

Brian raises a good point with respect to "Software claiming to READ...".

What about a changing this to:  Software claiming compliance with 
the IUCr CIF standard should be able ..."   I think that this is 
more precise and lets the casual CIF user off the hook.. 

Otherwise, I agree that this is a much friendly statement.



"Brian H. Toby" wrote:
> I very much like this revised document. It comes across as a positive
> statement of what people can do with CIF as opposed to the "Thou shall
> not" style that I saw in the previous version.
> I am unsure concerning the point, "Software claiming to READ files
> written in the CIF standard should be able to extract the relevant data
> from any file conformant to the CIF syntax." Someday I would like to
> create some pdCIF read filters. I doubt that my code would tolerate DDL2
> files. Would I then be prohibited using CIF to describe these filter
> routines? On the other hand, I do not have any suggestions to improve
> this to allow the wiggle room I want without leaving a loop hole large
> enough for a truck. Anyone have any ideas?
> Beyond this one question, I commend Brian, Syd, Herbert, & David on a
> job very well done.
> Brian T.
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