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Re: cif-developers mailing list


Would you like me to relay your earlier msg to the Rietveld users group?

Any chance to have a e-mail list getting a weekly digest of mail topics?
-- Along the lines of deja-news. I would be interested to know what
people are talking about, and might then follow up, but will not
remember to check the web site nor do I want all the messages


Brian McMahon wrote:
> Dear Colleagues
> This is a brief note to update you on the creation of the mailing list
> cif-developers@iucr.org that aims to provide a discussion forum for software
> authors. There are already a number of useful discussions in train. The list
> has immediately attracted two dozen subscribers on the basis of a mailing
> and notices on newsgroups and Crystallography What's New. In the next few
> days, allowing time for some more subscriptions, I shall circulate the new
> draft policy statement to the list.
> I have not subscribed any members of COMCIFS to this new list, since
> individuals should choose whether or not to expose themselves to
> additional mail traffic; however, the archive of discussions is visible at
> http://agate.iucr.org/iucr-top/lists/cif-developers, and (after some delay)
> at the mirror sites (replace "agate" by one of
>      www
>      www.us
>      www.ch
>      www.fr
>      www.se
>      www.il
>      www.ru
>      www.au
>      www.jp
>      www.za)
> If you wish to subscribe, please send an email message to
>      listproc@iucr.org
> with the line
>      subscribe cif-developers (your-name)
> in the body of the message.
> Regards
> Brian

Brian H. Toby, Ph.D.                    Leader, Crystallography Team
Brian.Toby@NIST.gov      NIST Center for Neutron Research, Stop 8562
voice: 301-975-4297     National Institute of Standards & Technology
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