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Re: CIF line limits


Our problem with the 80 character line limit arises in cases where there
are semicolon delimited sections of formatted text in which the text 
exceeds 80 characters.   Wrapping this text automatically within
an 80 character field can often completely obscure the text section. 

Although we are not currently producing long lines in tables, as 
practical matter, having to wide tables into multiple lines per
logical row produces a very confusing result.   Our users would
prefer to have all wide tables presented as one line per logical
row so that mmCIF data files appear similar to the familiar
record oriented PDB files.



"Brian H. Toby" wrote:
> > ... It
> > might help our discussion if John Westbrook could tell us what is the
> > longest line length that can be expected in the CIF release of PDB.
> It would also be helpful to get an explanation of why the 80 character
> limit creates a problem for the PDB.
> Brian
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