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Re: CIF line limits

> Now VAXes! Those I would have guessed were dead and gone .... I'm wrong
> yet again!

Not wanting to appear too antiquated... We do have a Linux/VME system
next to the diffractometer and ready for testing. I hope to replace the
VAX/CAMAC system by the end of the year, but the VAX software has been
developed over 2 decades and it will probably take another year before
the Linux software can control all the various hardware that the VAX
does now. 

On the subject of CIF line limits -- to me there is a quandry. If there
is a mechanism by which >80 char lines can be converted so that files
are then compliant with the current standard, is there really a need to
change the standard? Is this a line continuation problem better handled
with Brian's suggestion?


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