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Approval requested for modulated structures dictionary

  • To: Multiple recipients of list <comcifs-l@iucr.org>
  • Subject: Approval requested for modulated structures dictionary
  • From: Brian McMahon <bm@iucr.org>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:35:50 +0100 (BST)

It is my pleasure (for the second time in two weeks) to bring before you
for your approval a new dictionary. The dictionary, cif_ms.dic, is a
supplement to the Core dictionary designed to permit the description
of incommensurately modulated crystal structures, according to the
Checklist published by the Commission on Aperiodic Crystals in
Acta Cryst. (1997), A53, 95-100 and available on the web at 

Under the current rules of procedure:
a) The dictionary (labelled cif_ms.dic, version 0.47.1) has been reviewed
by the Dictionary Review Committee who recommend that Comcifs give final
approval to this dictionary.
b) Because the Dictionary Review Committee has given the dictionary a
careful review, the voting members of Comcifs are not obliged to review
the dictionary in detail.
c) However, they may like to read the draft at
The COMCIFS Dictionary Review Committee is responsible for establishing
its technical conformance to the CIF standard.
d) Voting members of COMCIFS are requested to register their vote for or
against (with reasons in the latter case) within the next four weeks, or
request for an extension to give them time to consider the matter. Votes may
be sent directly to me as Coordinating Secretary.
I have added to the IUCr web pages an HTML version
and a number of example files (listed at http://www.iucr.org/iucr-top/cif/ms).

Gotzon has put an impressive amount of work into this project, and we have
already benefited many times over with additions to the Core dictionary
arising from his work in this area. I therefore look forward to your early
responses, I hope all in favour.
With best wishes
Brian McMahon                                             tel: +44 1244 342878
Research and Development Officer                          fax: +44 1244 314888
International Union of Crystallography                  e-mail: bm@iucr.ac.uk
5 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU, England                        bm@iucr.org