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Re: CIF_rho Dictionary Maintenance Group.


> Paul Mallinson (contact person)    paul@chem.gla.ac.uk
>  Piero Macchi                       piero.macchi@istm.cnr.it
>  Anatoliy Volkov                    volkov@chem.buffalo.edu
>  Tibor Koritsanszky                 tkoritsa@mtsu.edu
>  Louis Farrugia                     louis@chem.gla.ac.uk
>  Niels Hansen                       hansen@lcm3b.u-nancy.fr
>  Henning Sorensen                   henning@ccs.ki.ku.dk
>  Christian Jelsch                   jelsch@lcm3b.uhp-nancy.fr

  For 50% of the people in this list, the entries in the World Directory
of Crystallographers 

  do not agree with the above list. Could you please ask these people
either to update or sign up to WDC.



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