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COMCIFS open meeting a Florence

Dear COMCIFS Colleagues,

    I have arranged for an open meeting of COMCIFS at the IUCr Congress 
in Florence and it is now time to arrange the program and invite the 
speakers.  To get the ball rolling I offer below my suggestions for 
topics.  We have a two hour slot which would leave 20 to 30 minutes per 
lecture according to my proposal.

    I would like your comments.  Can you let me know if this is a 
reasonable program, or are there are more urgent topics we should 
address?  What should be added or what can be deleted?  I would also 
welcome suggestions for speakers on these topics.  Remember that if you 
'Reply' to this message, your email will appear on the COMCIFS web page 
where anyone can seen it.  Confidential messages should be sent to to me 
at idbrown@mcmaster.ca.  My goal is to have the speakers lined up by the 
end of September.

David Brown
Chair of COMCIFS

Suggested program for the COMCIFS open meeting at Florence
2005 Aug 26,  1200 - 1400

How can we avoid Data Frustration?
      or (subtitle)
Creating a Seamless Interface between the Disciplines

1. An Introduction to Data Languages
       CIF and XML: Grammar and Dictionaries,
       Importance of common definitions

2. Searching Across Databases
       Importance of common definitions

3. Taming the Data Generators: Synchrotrons and Neutrons
       (Perhaps two short papers)

4. High Throughput
       Interoperability of Biological Databases

5. Interfacing with Chemistry
       CML and other chemical approaches

Dr. I.D.Brown, Professor Emeritus,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
McMaster University, Hamilton
Ontario, Canada

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