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Re: Provence and property rights

At 16:48 19/09/2004 -0400, Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
>My apologies for the prior message without its intended text.  What
>I had intended to say was:
>In most jurisdictions, the format of a copyright notice is prescribed
>by law.   Fortunately, copyright can exist without a valid notice, but
>failure to format the notice correctly can have an inpact on the
>damages recoverable in an infringement case.  See for example
>This means that the prescribed loop, while useful is not likely
>to be sufficient, and for the moment, authors are best advised
>to continue to use a comment early in the text of the CIF for
>their formal copyright notice.
>   -- Herbert

Thanks - perhaps it could be extended in a similar way to the _rights 
concepts, by:
which points to a URL or file containing information on the copyright and
which could contain the precisely formatted copyright declaration in the 
required form. These would also be included in the _copyright_* loop_

This would make it clear that the copyright was specifically identifiable 
and should be less fragile than comments


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