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Re: New item for the core CIF dictionary?

Hi Brian,

In the mmCIF case, perhaps the alias should be directed to
_audit_contact_author.email  if this is the intention of
the item.   If not, then the change is fine.



Brian McMahon wrote:

> The Managing Editor of the IUCr journals has asked me to include the
> new data item listed below in the version of the core CIF dictionary
> that will be released with Volume G (and its equivalent entry in the
> mmCIF dictionary). Since both the core and mmCIF dictionaries released
> with Volume G will have a higher minor version number than the dictionaries
> currently available from the IUCr web site (to take account of the large
> number of minor changes in wording, punctuation etc that have resulted
> from the careful technical editing that they have undergone), I believe
> that this is a reasonable request, and shall ask Nicola to add these to
> the dictionaries if there are no complaints. It is an additional item
> qualifying the details of an individual author of an article, and follows
> the same conventions as similar items.
> It is not my intention to sneak in any further additional content at
> this stage!
> Regards
> Brian
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> ==============================================================================
> data_publ_author_email
>     _name                      '_publ_author_email'
>     _category                    publ_author
>     _type                        char
>     _list                        both
>     _list_reference            '_publ_author_name'
>     loop_ _example               name@host.domain.country
>                                  bm@iucr.org
>     _definition
> ;              The e-mail address of a publication author. If there is more
>                than one author, this will be looped with _publ_author_name.
> ;
> save__publ_author.email
>     _item_description.description
> ;              The e-mail address of a publication author. If there is more
>                than one author, this will be looped with _publ_author.name.
> ;
>     _item.name                  '_publ_author.email'
>     _item.category_id             publ_author
>     _item.mandatory_code          no
>     _item_aliases.alias_name    '_publ_author_email'
>     _item_aliases.dictionary      cif_core.dic
>     _item_aliases.version         2.1.3
>     _item_type.code               line
>      loop_
>     _item_examples.case           name@host.domain.country
>                                   bm@iucr.org
>      save_
> ==============================================================================
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